Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Butte Temperature Update

Greetings from the oil fields of Wyoming!

I am currently working nights on another oil well, and I thought this would be a fine time to give you an update on the cidery plans.

I am still in R&D mode, but I have a working copy of the master checklist. I also finished my spreadsheet recording the weather history in Butte over the past two winters (at least at the airport weather station).

You can find a link to it here.

I think Butte's temperatures will be promising for freezing large quantities of fresh apple juice for ice cider, as long as I can keep it in the shade. Hopefully having a few days where the temperature gets above freezing will not be too detrimental as long as the longterm average temperature is below freezing. It looks like mid to late November is the best time to begin freezing juice, so I will have to do some more leg work regarding juice availability and timing.

I will try to update again soon, and I hope you and yours are doing great.


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